Thursday, July 24, 2008

Citizen petition: 'No Recess for Congress' until ban on offshore drilling is lifted

With gas prices still above $4 a gallon, the Democratic-controlled Congress is planning to take a month-long vacation in August, having failed to address the nation's growing energy crisis.

An online petition allows U.S. citizens to express their displeasure with the do-nothing Congress.

The petition at demands that that Congress lift the ban on offshore drilling to provide a greater supply of domestic oil and bring down gas prices.

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and her bunch off the hook.

"The energy crisis is crippling American families, and they want real action, right now. If that means Congress needs to stay overtime, and postpone vacation plans, so be it," says Steve Elliott, president of, one of the nation's leading online citizen action networks. "Lifting the ban on offshore drilling makes sense, and based on the incredible response that we have seen since launching this petition over the last four days, it's something Americans are demanding."

Follow the link below for more information.

Citizen Petition says 'No Recess for Congress' Until Ban on Offshore Drilling is Lifted

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