Saturday, January 24, 2009

Democrat gets physical at school board meeting

A Democratic member of the Reading School Board allegedly assaulted a Republican school board member after the pair got into a heated discussion at a meeting.

School Board member Pierre V. Cooper was cited Friday by police for allegedly scuffling with board member Keith R. Stamm during an argument over a proposal to replace the high school principal, according to the Reading Eagle.

Stamm is one of only two Republicans on the nine-member school board.

The newspaper failed to mention Cooper was a Democrat. Do you think the newspaper would have mentioned it if a Republican assaulted a Democrat? I guess in the Age of Obama and under one-party rule in the United States, Democrats can do what they want without consequences.

Stamm was treated for injuries at a nearby hospital. He told the newspaper that he is exploring whether Cooper can be removed from the board. Stamm said he also wants Cooper to compensate him for missing work and for hospital and ambulance bills, according to the newspaper.

Read the full story at the newspaper's Web site.

For another perspective, check out the Berks Conservative blog.

Stamm also mentions the incident briefly at his blog: Keith Stamm, School Director


Anonymous said...

if it's true what that Democrat said than he is a Racist.. Amazing how they won't report that..

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you noticed yet, but Al Walentis at The Reading Eagle is crying over your post about Keith Stamm.

I also wrote about this on my site, and even went into more detail about how the local leftist have been attacking Keith for quite awhile from his accident while running for mayor to the Rev. McCracken and Cooper trying to force him out of the school board when he called the students rioting at Reading High School animals to what he is facing today, and how biased the local media, and even The Reading Police Department are.

Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

Has anybody reported what happened prior to the assault? If the two were standing and face-to-face, it is possible that Stamm may have started it, and Cooper simply got the better of him. I'm not saying that is what happened, but in all fairness to Cooper it is possible. I do know that Cooper is, from what little I know about him, a pretty mellow guy while Stamm can be rather obnoxious. Why don't we wait until all of the facts are released before we start pointing fingers?

Anonymous said...

Independent Jones,

Regardless of what happened, the fact of the matter is Cooper struck Stamm and regardless of how The Reading Eagle, Chief Heim, and the rest of the local leftist media want to spin this it is called assault and The Reading Police and The District Attorney have a duty to enforce the law.

Plus another thing to remember in Berks County if you are simply a Republican or Conservative that alone makes you obnoxious as far as the local left is concerned.

We always hear from the left how we need to be to show restraint in conflict, but it seems that is only when it agrees with the left. Where is Cooper's display of superior leftist restraint?


Matt Heckman makes some good points. This wasn't a fight. This was an assault. Only Cooper was cited. And I still maintain that if Stamm had been charged, the lead paragraph in the newspaper would have been "Republican school board member ..." It's just another example of blatant liberal media bias. Take a look at stories about Gov. Blagojevich. Most of them never mention that he's a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

WEEU and the Eagle are owened by the Reading Eagle Company...would you consider WEEU liberal?

Anonymous said...

I would consider WEEU liberal outside of hosting Rush Limbaugh.

Just look at Len Carmen for example. Every time Len breaks news about a property tax increase he gets this orgazamic sound in his voice like he wants to dance in the street for joy.

Let's not forget all the propaganda that they spew for Tom McMahon.

I just noticed on The Reading Eagle Blogs that they are already trying to make this all Keith Stamm's fault and one of their kook readers is calling on Keith to resign.

This is a good display of Michael's Savage's book Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Matt Heckman,
Do you mean the same Michael Savage who used to have a radio show on WEEU for three hours a night M-F from 7-10PM until he was replaced by Lar Larson, another conservative? Michael Reagan had a show in WEEU for several years. Mike Faust is very conservative, as is Charles Adams (although his show really isn't political.) Except for Jim Bohannon--a pro-war moderate--pretty much every syndicated radio show on WEEU is or was conservative, and I have been a regular listener since 1993 or so.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cooper believed that Stamm posed a possible threat to him in the future, and was simply employing the Bush Doctrine.


Channel 69 News had a reporter at Monday night's Reading School Board meeting and reports that Mr. Cooper apologized to Mr. Stamm for grabbing and shoving him to the ground. I think this puts to rest who the aggressor was here. Mr. Stamm told the reporter that he is still considering his legal options.

Anonymous said...

Did the Black Panthers show up, like Matt Heckman claimed on his blog?

bilbo said...

If administrator in question would have been doing even a half-decent job, all this never would have happened. Also, talked to school district employees and they said if employees get caught fighting on district property that is grounds for immediate dismissal...

Double standards here as usually...

Anonymous said...

Tony, aren't you a Reading High graduate and if so, what do you think about whats going on there???

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what Tom Oth's party affiliation is?