Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PA businesses: 'Government cannot tax its way back to prosperity'

The Pennsylvania Business Council, representing organizations whose members employ most of the state's 5 million private-sector workers, weighs in on the state's current fiscal crisis.

Business leaders are worried that Harrisburg politicians will resort to higher taxes to dig themselves out of the financial hole they had a hand in creating.

"We can't have 1991 all over again when the government tried to tax its way back to prosperity," said David N. Taylor, executive director of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association. "Increasing business taxes or business fees to pay for General Fund spending will only exacerbate the economic downturn and cost more jobs. We must get a handle on spending." In 1991, the state turned a $1 billion deficit into $3 billion of spending and new taxes. Most of that new tax burden fell on Pennsylvania's business community making Pennsylvania less competitive and less able to retain and attract jobs to the state."

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Business Community Addresses Pennsylvania Budget Deficit

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