Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rep. Tim Hennessey issues statement on Coatesville fires

The following statement was released today by state Rep. Tim Hennessey, a Republican who represents the 26th State House District in Chester County. Hennessey's district includes Coatesville, which has been the scene of 30 arson incidents in the past year. The most recent fire consumed 15 homes late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

From Hennessey:
"I understand the combination of fear and anger that many people in our community are feeling. This string of intentionally set fires is robbing our families of the sense of security they demand and deserve. As community leaders and law enforcement personnel work together with local residents to catch the perpetrators, I ask everyone to remember that we are all on the same side in this battle against fear and injustice.

"I am personally committed to providing whatever assistance I can as a state lawmaker to our local leaders and law enforcement personnel. I am equally committed to working with the victims of these terrible incidents to acquire whatever assistance may be available through state programs and services.

"I ask local residents to join me in doing our own part to help combat this community-wide problem. Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and alert local law enforcement officials by calling 610-636-0514 or the Citizens Crime Commission at 215-546-TIPS (215-546-8477) to report any information that may be helpful to their ongoing investigation.

"We are blessed to have brave local firefighters, who have repeatedly put their own safety on the line to battle these fires. I pray for their safety in doing their important work, and ask our community to follow their brave example of working together to combat a common enemy."

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