Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A successful presidency

President Bush leaves office today. There have been no terrorist attacks on American soil for the past 2,686 days.

That alone makes it a successful presidency.

Thank you President Bush, his administration, all our men and women in uniform and everyone who works for the Department of Homeland Security for keeping us safe.

Let's pray the Obama administration can do half the job that Bush has done.

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LewWaters said...

President Bush, while not perfect, has faced an unprecedented onslaught of attacks against him personally and his leadership, all over politics.

I see it as nothing more than another step in the coup d'etat that was just undertaken in our country by the leftists, aka Democrats.

B HO has no experience and has been seen, doesn't know how to lead.

So the question remains, just who is behind teh curtain manipulating the strings of this "puppet?"

Thank you President Bush for giving America 7 years of no terrorist attacks, the longest string we have seen since 1979.