Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote NO on Water/Sewer Referendum

Pennsylvania voters will be asked Nov. 4 to approve $400 million in new borrowing for water and sewer infrastructure projects.

I'm voting NO on the referendum question and urge my fellow Pennsylvanians to do likewise.

The well has run dry for Gov. Ed Rendell. He has increased state spending my more than $7 billion since taking office in 2003. He has increased state debt by another $3 billion.

It's time to take away his credit card.

There are probably many worthwhile projects that need to be funded in Pennsylvania, but Gov. Ed Rendell and the free-spending state Legislature have squandered their credibility on spending issues. I don't trust Rendell or the Legislature with my money. I will not support handing the Harrisburg bunch another $400 million.

Joe Hilliard, writing at The Lehigh Valley Political Blog, has similar sentiments:
Government is out of control. At all levels. And it is both parties that have contributed to the explosion of spending and debt at all levels of government. Politicians fund deficit spending with borrowed money, which will have to be repaid sometime. And for any debt incurred, double the cost to reflect the repayment obligations. Think the sub-prime mortgage market created a financial disaster? Wait till all levels of government collapse and can not borrow or borrowing costs explode. We are living beyond our means. We can either accept our responsibility to future generations and ease off our living on credit cards. Or we can keep maxing out our plastic until the bills MUST be paid and suffer grave consequences.
Read Hilliard's full analysis "What's another $400 million?" at The Lehigh Valley Political Blog.


JW said...

Please explain, then, how the water and sewer improvements can be funded.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pennsylvania's government is out of control with spending. Yes, Ed Rendell is an idiot who needs to take Economics 101. However, to assume that every plan that comes out of Harrisburg is therefore terrible and to deem this Bond as a waste of money is perhaps taking the proof too far. Our sewage and water systems are underfunded as it is, but we can't vote for an sewer bond because the economy is in shambles and we are in debt as a state? Let's just let our storm drains, sewer pipes, and dams fall into disrepair while agricultural runoff poisons our waterways and further lowers property values in our great state! I am a conservative who says pay for this bond with casino money or raise my taxes, because I fully supported it!