Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Why The Mortgage Crisis Happened'

Investor's Business Daily has published a comprehensive timeline of "Why The Mortgage Crisis Happened" in today's edition. The article, originally posted at the American Thinker Web site, is long, but answers many questions about how Congressional leaders -- mostly Democrats -- failed the American public. Oh yeah, Barack Obama's name comes up, too.

From the introduction to the article by M. Jay Wells:
On the eve of what may be the most important election of our time, the financial catastrophe that many believe will most influence Tuesday's vote remains only partially covered by the major media. Though IBD has run many articles and editorials on the so-called mortgage meltdown, one of the most complete timelines of the debacle was written by an independent scholar and published this week by the Web magazine American Thinker. Because the issue is so important, we are running this 7,300-word history in its entirety.
Read the story at the newspaper's Web site.

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