Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Columnist: Obama too good to be true

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, says syndicated columnist Jay Ambrose. Take Barack Obama, the chosen one, the messiah, the agent of change.

From Abrose's latest column, in which he examines some chinks in Obama's armor:
Obama has played unending "kissy face" with the middle class, promising that something like 95 percent of us will get tax cuts, even as he has excoriated corporations, beaten up on CEOs and pledged to squeeze tens of billions a year from those who have the highest incomes. There are no significant spending cuts in all of this, meaning the budget deficit would balloon while some of his demagogic ideas could deliver body blows to the very people he pretends to adore.

Raise taxes on corporations, as he wants, and they become less competitive, they produce less, they hire fewer people and they raise prices that middle-class consumers pay. Raise capital-gains taxes and you lessen the values of stocks that have already plummeted disastrously, costing middle-class retirement plans trillions of dollars. Hit Big Oil with windfall profit penalties, and you weaken these firms, hurting people at the gas pump and increasing our energy peril.

Ah, but the man can take care of us because he is independent of special interests, he says as he simultaneously promises unions to renegotiate trade deals providing tens of thousands of jobs in the export business while keeping prices down on products the middle class purchases. He’s in bed with the ethanol industry, which is raising our food prices, and he voted for a budget-bloating, unnecessary farm subsidy bill that just happens to cripple third-world farmers who can’t then compete.

This supposed saint backed a surveillance bill he said he was against, went back on his word about accepting public finance, has told incredible lies about John McCain’s stances on immigration and Social Security, and has evaded any halfway workable proposal to deal with the coming entitlement crisis.

His press minions cheer. The public should not.
Read the full column at The Trentonian's Web site.

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