Friday, October 24, 2008

Will the media elect the next president?

Political commentator Dick Morris said the other night that the mainstream media's open support for Barack Obama translates to at least 5 percentage points in the national polls. In other words, without the liberal media working with the Obama Campaign to get their man elected, John McCain would be leading this race.

The letter below, originally published in The Mercury, makes the case the media has conspired with the Obama Campaign to mislead American voters.
Liberal media helps cover up for Obama

Why won't the liberal media tell the whole story of Barack Obama? Here are a few facts: Obama's relationship with a hate-spewing racist minister (Rev. Wright); also, Barack's mentor was a member of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA (Frank Davis); Obama's state Senate campaign was financed by the Chicago-based Democratic Socialists of America and the Chicago's corrupt political machine. At the same time his lawyers knocked his opponents off the ballot on technicalities ... and much more.

When was the last time that we had a Democratic president who was for the people of the USA? Not since President Truman.

Now what did Carter (the peanut farmer president) do? He spent all the money in the Social Security Trust Fund. Then he signed the "Notch Years" bill of Social Security. Notch years are 1917-1926. Any person born in the notch years does not receive their proper amount of Social Security payment per month. Remember, 95 percent of World War II veterans are Notch Years victims. My status - I am a veteran of World War II, born in 1920. I am a Notch Years victim having been deprived of over $29,000 since I retired. Also, spouses do not receive their proper amount of Social Security.

Carter was the worst president. Clinton was the second worst president of the USA. Both surpassed President Hoover for this distinction.

What did Clinton do to receive this honor? In less than three years, Clinton reduced the total active duty force from 2.1 million to 1.6 million men and women. The army was reduced from 18 full strength light and mechanized divisions to a vulnerable 12. The Navy was reduced from 546 to 380 ships toward a targeted reduction of 300, the smallest Naval force since pre-World War II period. The Air Force was reduced from 76 flight squadrons down to 50. Capabilities were hamstrung by the rapid elimination of 232 strategic bombers and 2,000 Air Force and Navy combat aircraft. This is a large obstacle why the war in Iraq is not ended.

One other great maneuver by a Democrat, Rep. Dan Rostenkoski of Ohio, chairman of The House Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful committee in the House of Representatives. In 1991 we had enough votes to eliminate the Notch Years, HR917, but Rostenkoski would not bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

Think before you vote.



Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Carter and Clinton were bad leaders. Clinton happens to be in love with himself, and he did something that not many citizens know about, but the MSM does. We are feeling the effects of that right now and it has done much damage to our political system. It was classified as a national security issue and blacked out in the media by Clinton himself. It is the reason their is so much division in our MSM and the 2 parties.

Anonymous said...

I agree when it comes to Carter being a bad leader but not Clinton!! Just take a look at the economy when he was in office. Enough said. And People keep talking about the so called "liberal media" supporting Barack Obama how bout Fox News and their ridiculous stories on John Kerry in 2004. I didnt hear people complaining about that? Alot of people just need to come to grips with the fact that a republican admin. and 6 yrs of a republican congress has just crippled America and its time for a CHANGE.