Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Columnist: Stay home on Election Day

The pundits are predicting the largest turnout for any presidential election in U.S. history.

Everyone is pushing a "get out the vote" campaign.

Everyone that is except John Stossel, the libertarian columnist and host of ABC's "20/20" program.

Stossel is saying publicly what many seasoned political observers believe privately: Some people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

"I suggested that when people don't know anything, maybe it's their civic duty not to vote," Stossel writes in a new column posted at

Uninformed voters (and there will be lots of them this year with ACORN signing up anyone with a pulse) should not be casting ballots because they don't know anything about candidate or important issues, Stossel argues.

"Voting is serious business. It works best when people educate themselves," Stossel writes. "If uninformed people stay home on Election Day, good."

Read the full column, "A Duty Not To Vote?," at

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