Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Newspaper endorses Stephens for 151st House seat

The Intelligencer in Doylestown has endorsed Republican Todd Stephens for the 151st state House seat currently held by freshman Democratic state Rep. Rick Taylor.

From the newspaper's endorsement:
You could hardly find two individuals with more divergent personalities: Taylor is soft-spoken, obviously good-hearted but who seems just a touch uncomfortable in his legislative role; Stephens, given his professional background, is more assertive and more confident.

There's certainly something to be said for Taylor's low-key approach to the job. But when it comes to standing up for the people of the district in regard to the major local issue — the eventual disposition of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station — we like Stephens' more aggressive nature. That goes for other issues as well, such as reform efforts in Harrisburg.

Like almost every state legislative race, this one features two competent candidates, and the election of one as opposed to the other will result in neither dramatic positive nor negative change. Taylor is focused on fighting for his constituents, as he puts it, and he's worked hard to that end. Our endorsement goes to Stephens, however; we think by nature he'll be a tougher fighter.
Read more endorsements at the newspaper's Web site.

For more on Stephens, an assistant Montgomery County district attorney, visit his campaign Web site,

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