Monday, October 27, 2008

Newspapers endorse John McCain

The Associated Press is compiling newspaper endorsements from across the country on the presidential race. Here is a sampling of newspapers endorsing Sen. John McCain.

The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch:
Experience, particularly in international and military affairs, is a significant issue at the top of the tickets. These Editorial Pages have long maintained that national security ranks as the most important responsibility of any American president. And by this measure, John McCain is the clear and unambiguous choice in 2008. The world remains a very dangerous place. McCain has demonstrated the courage and sound judgment needed to protect the free people of this nation, and assist those fighting for freedom around the world.
The Detroit News:
"Financial markets that rose to incredible heights without an ethical foundation have brought the economy to the brink of collapse. Tyrants emboldened by the often heavy-handed and inept foreign policy of the Bush administration have established rogue regimes in every corner of the world to threaten U.S. interests and security."

"John McCain has what it takes to lead America in these very uncertain times."

"He has been among the Senate's most independent members, repeatedly eschewing ideology to work across the aisle for bipartisan agreements. He has been willing to buck his own party, as he did in leading the push for campaign finance reform, and to rise above political gamesmanship, as he did in negotiating a compromise that broke the judicial nominee logjam."
McCook (Neb.) Daily Gazette:
"Obama is leading in the polls, and his personal confidence and charisma is appealing.

"But the majority of southwest Nebraskans and northwest Kansans don't want to see the country shift to the left, the direction Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, would take it, especially as it relates to the Supreme Court.

"For that reason, the McCook Daily Gazette is endorsing Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin for president and vice president."
The (Sioux Falls, S.D.) Argus Leader:
At a time when both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democratic Party, and by margins that are likely to increase after this year's elections, McCain has the best chance to bridge the distressingly wide partisan divides that have developed in recent years while preserving some sense of moderation.
The State of Columbia, S.C.:
"Barack Obama is an inspiring and even transformational figure. He has the intellect and the temperament to lead the nation well in troubled times. On some issues, such as health care, we prefer his proposals to Sen. McCain's. If anyone else had won the Republican nomination, we would be endorsing Sen. Obama today.

"But we prefer Sen. McCain. First and foremost, he is far better prepared not only to be commander in chief, but to lead the nation as it deals with a complex array of global challenges, from Iran to North Korea, from Russia to Venezuela."

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