Monday, August 11, 2008

Leach continues to back DeWeese

Embattled Democratic House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese still has a few friends left.

While many Democrats have called for DeWeese to step down as majority leader in light of the Bonusgate scandal, state Rep. Daylin Leach still has DeWeese's back.

Leach is giving up his House seat to run for the state Senate, but his opponent has been critical of Leach's unflinching support for DeWeese.

From reporter Margaret Gibbons of The Times Herald:
Lower Merion Republican Lance Rogers, Leach's Republican challenger for the open state Senate seat now held by Democrat Connie Williams, on Tuesday issued a press release calling on Leach to step up and join other Democrats calling for DeWeese's ouster from his leadership post in the wake of the Bonusgate political corruption scandal.

"The fact that three weeks have passed since the criminal charges were announced and Leach has yet to say a word or condemn their illegal actions speak volumes about his true commitment to changing the culture of Harrisburg," Rogers stated.
Gibbons reports that Republicans are using the Bonusgate scandal as ammunition in their attempts to unseat lawmakers from Montgomery County.

Gibbons writes:
Another Montgomery County Republican candidate who issued a challenge similar to Roger's challenge to Leach was GOP state House candidate Todd Stephens. Stephens is seeking to topple Democratic freshman incumbent state Rep. Rick Taylor in the 151st District.

Taylor initially greeted Stephens' challenge, made last week, with silence.

However, Taylor on Tuesday issued a statement saying that he has spoken with DeWeese and has asked him to resign his role as House Democratic Majority Leader.

"He (DeWeese) has become a lightning rod for controversy and we need to get back to the issues," stated Taylor. "Unfortunately, this scandal has cast a cloud over our efforts to reform Harrisburg and the accomplishments we have already achieved."
Read the full story, "State Rep. Leach refuses to call for DeWeese's resignation" at the newspaper's Web site.

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