Monday, August 25, 2008

Lawsuit claims Obama ineligible to serve as president

Is Barack Obama eligible to run for president?

A Pennsylvania attorney has filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging Sen. Barack Obama's claim to United States citizenship, according to The Times Herald newspaper in Norristown.

The lawsuit by Philip Berg seeks to remove Obama from the November ballot, says reporter Keith Phucas.

Berg claims in the lawsuit that the presumptive Democratic Party nominee was born in Africa, not in Hawaii, which Obama lists as his birthplace.

"We really don't believe he was born in Hawaii," Berg told Phucas. "We think he was born in Kenya."

The U.S. Constitution states that a person must be born in the United States to be eligible for the presidency.

From Phucas' article:
According to Obama's birth certificate, which his campaign posted on its Internet site in June to quell rumors that he is foreign born, the Illinois senator was born in Hawaii on Aug. 6, 1961.
Read the full story in today's edition of the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Where is Obama's real birth certificate? You know, the hand-written one from the hospital (in Kenya).

Anonymous said...

Let Barry Show the Long Form of his Birth Certificate along with examination of other records and interviews of family members
By Anonymous (Male)
Let Barry show the long form of his birth certificate! Why is this not in the mainstream media, why is the DNC, Barry and media covering up what should be in fact one of the most important items in the constitution to protect us from foreign and domestic threat.

Let Barry show the long form! The certificate of live birth Obama is showing is different from a birth certificate and different from the long form of a natural born citizen’s birth certificate the state/gov. keeps on file. It is within our rights and should be our obligation to see the long from as well as to question his family about his birth and the fact that he was a citizen of Indonesia.

If the constitution is as sacred to the Dems as they have been saying, then Obama must produce the long form along with other evidence. Interviews should be done, other countries are running with this story, have we become Russia, China or Egypt where certain groups or government control journalists?

Shame on all our country if this is not investigated. Journalist who do not investigate this should not write another word and go work for Entertainment Tonight!

The Constitution must apply equally to all!