Friday, August 29, 2008

'Because he's got class'

The White House released a transcript of the daily press briefing by spokesperson Dana Perino. Part of the exchange with reporters included questions about the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Here’s part of the transcript:
Q Can you give us any indication of what he's going to be speaking about?

MS. PERINO: The speech reviews the major issues facing the country, from terrorism and war to the economy and the direction of our culture. Above all, the speech reflects on the role of the presidency and the qualities that are demanded by the job, and makes the case that John McCain is the best qualified to be our next leader and commander-in-chief. In particular, it highlights McCain's unique judgment, perspective, and experience to deal with the unexpected, to stand firm on his convictions, put the country above himself, and make hard decisions necessary to protect the American people.
The speech rallies Republicans to have confidence in America's future and to do everything they can to elect John McCain to the presidency.
A couple of things that the speech does not do: Do not expect this speech to define the President's legacy. This is not an opportunity to recap accomplishments of the past seven and a half years. It will not serve as a farewell to the American people, and it certainly will not attack Barack Obama.

Q Why not? I mean, this week –

MS. PERINO: Because he's got class.

Q -- the President has taken a great deal of criticism. Every speaker it seemed at the Democratic Convention spoke about the failed policies of the Bush presidency. Does he not want a forum in which to answer that criticism?

MS. PERINO: But this President knows better than almost any politician in America what it's like to face criticism. He watched his dad as vice presidential candidate for two terms go through that, and then when his dad ran for President, he saw it again, and then in his own campaigns, the two national elections. He knows what it's like in high political season, and he's not going to respond to every attack.
But some of the attacks are just out-and-out false; for example, suggesting that the Bush administration hasn't invested in alternative or renewable energies. Everybody in this room knows that that's not true. So we're in high political season. We're not going to let it get to us. We're going to focus on the big picture. And most importantly, President Bush will be working to make sure that John McCain is the next President of the United States.

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