Saturday, August 30, 2008

DUI deaths rise in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was one of only 18 states that showed an increase in drunken-driving deaths in 2007, according to new government statistics released this week.

Does the fact that Pennsylvania is in the liquor business have something to do with this? Pennsylvania relies heavily on its monopoly of state-owned liquor stores for tax revenues.

While drunken-driving deaths dropped in 32 states in 2007, they went up in Pennsylvania, according to a new government report.

Pennsylvania had 500 drunken-driving deaths in 2007, up from 492 in 2006.

Across the nation, nearly 13,000 people were killed in DUI crashes.

Overall, alcohol deaths were down nearly 4 percent compared with 2006, when nearly 13,500 people died on the highway, according to The Associated Press.

However, alcohol-related fatalities rose among motorcycle riders in 25 states, including Pennsylvania, the government reported.

The number of deaths among motorcyclists involved in DUI crashes also rose in Pennsylvania to 80 in 2007, compared to 61 the previous year, the AP reported.

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