Friday, August 29, 2008

Cal Thomas: Obama's credibility problem

If you're going to run as an outsider trying to clean up Washington, D.C., why would pick the consumate Washington insider in Joe Biden?

That's what columnist Cal Thomas wants to know.

"In selecting Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate, Barack Obama gains some needed foreign policy expertise, but loses some credibility," Thomas writes. "If Washington is as bad as these two say it is, was Biden a contributor or an enabler during his six Senate terms? If 36 years in the Senate doesn't make you an 'insider' and part of the problem, what does?"

This is just one of the many inconsistencies of Barack Obama's campaign.

More from Thomas:
Biden is not "change we can believe in." He is change to deceive with. Biden's toughest opponent is not John McCain and whoever he picks as his running mate. Biden's toughest opponent is himself.
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