Friday, August 22, 2008

Colleague on Murtha: A cut-and-run idiot

Republican Congressman Terry Everett of Alabama had some choice words for Rep. John Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania.

Here's an Associated Press account of what Everett said about Murtha:
"Don't talk to me about defense," Everett, who is retiring at the end of this term, said during a radio interview this week. "Cut-and-run John Murtha is in charge of the appropriations committee for defense and he is certainly no friend of the military.

"And don't talk to me about him being an ex-Marine. Lord, that was 40 years ago. A lot of stuff can happen in 40 years. Thank you for your service as being an ex-Marine but that doesn't mean you're (not) an idiot, and he is," Everett said of Murtha.

Asked on Friday about his comments, Everett did not apologize but issued a statement saying he wished he had chosen his words more carefully.

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