Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rendell wants $500 from you

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania released a new Web ad titled “$500” today, examining the true cost of Gov. Ed Rendell and the Democrats’ plan to raise personal income taxes by 16% on Pennsylvania families.

From a GOP press release:

“Pennsylvanians should be outraged by the Governor’s proposal to increase taxes,” said PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason. “Rather than make fiscally responsible decisions in Harrisburg, he has decided to shift the burden of the state’s $3 billion budget deficit to Pennsylvania families by calling for a major tax hike. Governor Ed Rendell’s decision to cut the annual budget of every hardworking Pennsylvania family by $500 is deplorable.”

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania encourages Pennsylvanians to contact Gov. Ed Rendell and Democrat Party leaders and to pass a fiscally responsible budget that will not increase taxes before the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

“For months, Republicans have put forth real solutions that will balance our budget without raising taxes. It is time for Democrats to do the job they are paid to do and make tough decisions in Harrisburg, not force hardworking Pennsylvanians to carry the burden of their out-of-control spending proposals and decision to increase taxes.”

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