Monday, June 22, 2009

3 votes could prevent Rendell tax hike

Let's assume for a moment that 10 members of the Republican Senate majority go insane and vote with the 20 Senate Democrats to support Gov. Ed Rendell's 16% income tax hike, which would drain $4.5 billion from working Pennsylvanians and small business owners over the next three years.

The tax hike would still have to pass the House, where Democrats hold a 104-99 majority.

For any legislation to pass the lower chamber, a majority vote of 102 members is needed.

For Rendell's tax hike to die in the House, only three Democrats need to join the 99 Republicans in voting against an income-tax increase.

In the past two weeks, I've been posting contact information for Southeast Pennsylvania House members who are serving in their first or second terms.

Only three of the lawmakers listed below need to oppose Rendell's tax hike and stand with their constituents against higher taxes and runaway spending.

If you recognize the names below as your representative, click on the link and send them a message that you can't afford to pay any more taxes ... and remind them that you will never vote for them again if they support Rendell's tax hikes.

Rep. Brendan F. Boyle, 170th Dist.

Rep. Matthew D. Bradford, 70th Dist.

Rep. Tim Briggs, 149th Dist.

Rep. Paul J. Drucker, 157th Dist.

Rep. Tom Houghton, 13th Dist.

Rep. David R. Kessler, 130th Dist.

Rep. Barbara McIlvaine Smith, 156th Dist.

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Ed Naratil said...

Done! Following to Paul Drucker:

Mr. Drucker -

Consider yourself lucky. You have a job. Unlike many citizens of Pennsylvania that are unemployed and senior citizens that have seen their life's savings disappear in the last two years, you don't have to curtail your spending.

Now Gov. Rendell wants another temporary tax on the books. Like other temporary taxes to never go away.

Remember, your job is only temporary too. It'll be easier for voters to vote you out of office than it will be for elected officials to remove a temporary tax.

Keep that in mind when you cast your vote.