Friday, June 26, 2009

No such thing as a 'temporary' tax

This letter from a Chester County resident originally published in The Mercury gets right to the point about the tax hike proposals being pushed by Gov. Ed Rendell and House Democrats. You should send something similar to your state representative, especialy if he's a Democrat.
No tax is ever 'temporary'

An open letter to state Rep. Paul Drucker, 157th District:

Consider yourself lucky. You have a job. Unlike many citizens of Pennsylvania who are unemployed and senior citizens who have seen their life's savings disappear in the last two years, you don't have to curtail your spending.

Now Gov. Rendell wants another temporary tax on the books, like other temporary taxes to never go away.

Remember, your job is only temporary too. It'll be easier for voters to vote you out of office than it will be for elected officials to remove a temporary tax. Keep that in mind when you cast your vote.


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