Monday, June 22, 2009

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Sign 'No Taxes Pledge'

POLICY BLOG has compiled a list of Pennsylvania lawmakers who have signed the Americans for Tax Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge."

Of the 29 lawmakers on the list, 6 are Democrats!

"Assuming politicians can be trusted to keep their word, this would seem to put another nail in the coffin of Gov. Rendell's proposed income tax hike," notes POLICY BLOG.

Here's the list so far:

Lisa Boscola (D-18)
John J. Eichelberger (R-30)
Mike Folmer (R-48)
Jane Orie (R-40)
Gene Yaw (R-23)

Stephen Barrar (R-160)
Kerry Benninghoff (R-171)
Scott W. Boyd (R-43)
James E. Casorio, Jr. (D-56)
Jim Cox (R-129)
Brian Ellis (R-11)
Camille George (D-74)
Richard Grucela (D-137)
Ted Harhai (D-58)
Susan C. Helm (R-104)
Rob Kauffman (R-89)
Tim Krieger (R-57)
Jim Marshall (R-14)
Daryl Metcalfe (R-12)
Scott Perry (R-92)
Joseph A. Petrarca (D-55)
Jeff Pyle (R-60)
Dave Reed (R-62)
Brad Roae (R-6)
Todd A. Rock (R-90)
Samuel Rohrer (R-128)
Mario M. Scavello (R-176)
Rosemary Swanger (R-102)
Katherine McDowell Watson (R-144)

Why isn't your state representative or state senator on the list? You should ask them.

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