Thursday, December 18, 2008

Praise for President Bush

I enjoyed reading this Letter to the Editor in The Intelligencer of Doylestown from a Bucks County resident who gives George W. Bush credit for keeping America safe from terrorist attacks for more than seven years.

Larry Hannon Jr. is also waiting for Bush critics to say a big "thanks" to the president for lowering gas prices since the far left blamed Bush for rising oil prices six months ago.
A salute to President Bush

To the Editor:

For several weeks now I've been patiently waiting, and now my curiosity has driven me to ask. This is for all of those people who somehow, somewhere got the idea that the president of the United States actually has direct control over the price of gasoline. They blamed President Bush as prices soared. Now that a gallon costs $1.70, where did they go? Their absence seems odd, and if there were any truth to their twisted way of thinking, a "thank you" would be in order.

I suppose it's only fashionable to blame President Bush for everything. No thank you is allowed. Terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers in 2001, a hurricane hit Louisiana in 2005 and the economy blew up this year thanks to the ticking time bomb left by the Clinton administration. The current Democrats in Congress sure did a great job of keeping the fuse lit, too. President Bush is not a terrorist, he is not a natural weather event and he is the man who tried to change certain flawed Clinton policies to no avail. But, somehow, we must be able to blame him for all this.

Personally, I give my sincere thanks to President Bush. I thank him for bending over backward to ensure our safety as a nation even when it wasn't popular. I thank him for trying to fix our economy as the Democrats in Congress shoved it over the edge. I thank him for being a family man with faith in God and setting a good example for all Americans. This is something we certainly lacked in the past.

After Sept. 11, 2001, people complained that the government should have done something to prevent the attacks. Then, when we invaded Iraq before we were attacked, people asked why. Neither reactive nor proactive was acceptable in their eyes. Well, proactive was the right move.

This letter has nothing to do with whom I voted for in 2008. With some education, that choice was easy. Instead, this letter is a salute to the 43rd president of the greatest country in the world, George W. Bush.

Larry Hannon Jr.
Warminster Township


Anonymous said...

I guess blowing up one of the worlds biggest oil producing countries and threatening to blow up another would have nothing to do with the price of oil.

Inflating the money supply also has no effect on prices. Right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim! I guess fighting the terrorists in Iraq is worse than Terrorists blowing up the U.S. As for that other country we wish to blow up, would that be the country that wishes to blow us and Israel off the face of the map? Didn't they say that many times?
Now, about that inflation you're talking about! According to CNN, the number of people that defaulted on their home loans and were given more time and lower rates to keep them in their homes earlier this year, by your buddy Barney Frank, defaulted again on their loans. CNN money reports that over 60% of these people defaulted for a total of 6 trillion dollars. I repeat, 6 trillion dollars. That's what caused this financial disaster. The democrats should have never pressured the loan companies to make loans to people that had no way to pay it back. Now all of us have to pay. If it were Bush's fault, I would be the first to blame him but it was not. This was the Democrats, all the way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stealth,

Please don't confuse me with a democrat.

Both parties are ripping you off. As long as party loyalists keep blaming the other side, the crooks win.