Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More of the same in Harrisburg

Little is likely to change in Harrisburg based on last week's election results in the state Legislature, says The Pottstown Mercury.

With Democrats adding to their one-vote majority in the House, expect the same moribund leadership that has led the Legislature in the past two years.

From an editorial in today's edition of the newspaper:
The election is over, but now begins the power play to determine leadership posts in the next legislative term -- and it's business as usual with lawmakers jockeying for the pay and prestige that come with top leadership positions in the General Assembly.

The power play for leadership posts on the state level comes at a time when borough and city leaders are grappling with massive revenue shortfalls as ripple effects of the nation's economic crisis. Pottstown Borough Council last night heard a presentation for a budget that would eliminate 13 positions and drastically slash funding for fire companies, parks and other borough services.

But, in Harrisburg, it's business as usual. The 315 million-dollar monster that is the state Legislature just keeps rolling along. Little changed in the election on the state legislative front. And, little is changing now as the play for power positions goes into full swing.

Another day, a lot of dollars: Business as usual.
Read the full editorial, "Power Play Is On For Leadership Posts," at the newspaper's Web site.

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