Wednesday, November 19, 2008

College costs in PA 6th most expensive in nation

A new report confirms what parents of college-age students already know: Pennsylvania is one of the most expensive places to send your kids to to college.

The Keystone State ranks No. 6 on the list of most expensive states to attend college, the report says.

From a story in today's Philadelphia Inquirer:
"The cost of attending college in Pennsylvania is a serious and growing concern," the report said. "...a student's ability to pay for college is a significant factor in preventing Pennsylvania from increasing its college-going rate, graduation rate and its efforts to expand access to lower income populations across the state."

Of 10 states in the study, Pennsylvania students graduated with the second highest debt on average - $19,047. Only in New Jersey was it higher: $19,294.

Students from the three state-related institutions, including Temple University and Penn State, graduate with more debt than students in any of the nine comparison states, the report said.

At private colleges, they have roughly the same debt as those in other states.
Read the full story at the newspaper's Web site.

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