Friday, November 28, 2008

What is Obama's Plan B on terrorism?

President-elect Barack Obama and the far left want to close Guantanamo and turn 250 captured terrorists loose or bring them to the continental United States for trial in civilian courts. Bad idea.

The far left kept arguing that the terrorists would turn in their weapons and go back to their everyday lives if we only elected Barack Obama as president. So how do you explain the massacre of 125 people in India?

Ann Coulter exposes the lunacy of the far left when it comes to dealing with terrorism in her latest column:

I thought the rest of the world was going to love us if we elected B. Hussein Obama! Somebody better tell the Indian Muslims. As everyone but President-elect B. Hussein Obama's base knows, many of the Guantanamo detainees cannot be sent to their home countries, cannot be released and cannot be tried. They need to be held in some form of extra-legal limbo the rest of their lives, sort of like Phil Spector.

And now they're Obama's problem.
Read the full column, "Terrorists' Restless Leg Syndrome," at Human

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Unknown said...

HA! If these leftist illuminati politicians truly believed that after the torture the 250 captured prisoners endured that they would just go back to their own countries and love the United States, then the next four years is going to be interesting. What an awful thing this country has created in Guantanamo Bay... with no end plan! But then again, that is not the only thing in this country that has not been completely thought through before being undertaken... much like Iraq.