Friday, November 28, 2008

'Five Hard Truths For RINOS'

The very conservative John Hawkins cautions Republicans about buying into the RINO propaganda that the GOP must move away from its conservative base to appeal to "moderates." That advice is coming mainly from the liberal media, Hawkins says.

From Hawkins latest column at
After a GOP beating, there is always a debate between the people who want the party to become more principled and those who want to turn the GOP into a poll-driven pile of mush that they believe will be more appealing to centrists. The problem with this whole discussion is that the "we need to be more moderate" crowd tends to simply ignore a number of inconvenient facts that make their position completely untenable.
Hawkins debunks several popular myths about the need to move toward a "moderate" GOP, including "The GOP cannot win without the conservative media."

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