Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two-story Pennsylvania Outhouse

I get a lot of feedback from readers, but this is a first.

A gentleman by the name of Al Kutz, a custom builder of homes in the Pottstown area, recently stopped by The Mercury to say how much he enjoyed reading my columns in the paper, especially the ones about the sad state of affairs of our state government.

Mr. Kutz also brought several gifts he hand-crafted himself from wood. The one that stood out was a 2-foot replica of the "Two-Story Outhouse" pictured here.

It wasn't just a three-dimensional reproduction of the "Two-Story Outhouse" that sums up what politicians do to taxpayers, especially in Pennsylvania, home of late-night pay raises, perks and lifetime pensions.

Mr. Kutz's handiwork is actually a working birdhouse he fashioned from wood. Mr. Kutz also labeled the two floors so we know exactly where politicians relieve themselves and what awaits Pennsylvania's beleaguered taxpayers.

The Outhouse/Birdhouse was the talk of the newsroom for days.

Many thanks to Al Kutz for using his talents to express a political view shared by so many Pennsylvania residents. Just remember folks. There's 12 million of us and only a few hundred of them. We can win this thing. We can take back our state government from the political aristocracy.

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