Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dent, Gerlach, Murphy, English no longer voting as Republicans

Several Pennsylvania Congressional Republicans are voting less and less like Republicans these days. has an article today listing the the Top 26 Republicans who frequently break ranks with the party on votes.

While nobody from Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation made the Top 10, some familiar names are hovering lower on the list: Tim Murphy, R-18th Dist., at No. 15; Charlie Dent, R-15th Dist., at No. 20; Jim Gerlach, R-6th Dist., at No. 21; and Phil English, R-3rd Dist., at No. 23.

It's pretty clear that Republicans are still running scared after last year's debacle at the polls, where Democrats swept into power.

Not only did the GOP lose control of the 110th Congress, but the few Pennsylvania Republicans who won re-election are no longer voting with the party.

We now have the Democrats and the Pseudo-Republicans in Congress. Where does that leave conservatives who voted for Dent and Gerlach? It might be time to start a third party.

To read the full Congressional Quarterly article by Greg Giroux and see the list of all 26 Republicans, follow this link: Party Unity Less of a Sure Thing for House GOP Minority

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