Thursday, July 19, 2007

John Edward's Magical Poverty Tour

What a perfect way to end the Magical Poverty Tour.

John Edwards, multimillionaire trial lawyer, just finished his eight-state excursion to find poor people and all he got for his troubles is a tongue-lashing from Barack Obama, who claims he's the real candidate of the poor.

This is almost as good as the Cindy Sheehan-Nancy Pelosi cat fight brewing in California.

Aren't there enough poor people to go around for the Democrats?

Edwards, a true man of the people (if you're Donald Trump or Paris Hilton), got down and dirty this past week. He spent a lot of time with people he normally wouldn't give the time of day to. Hey, staging photo opportunities with poor people is hard work.

His motivation? To remind us that there are poor people living in these United States, Edwards says.

His real motivation? To jump-start his sagging presidential hopes.

The only time Edwards gets any attention is when he's getting a $400 haircut or his wife is griping about Ann Coulter. Otherwise, Edwards is closer to the bottom feeder candidates (Dennis Kucinich, Joseph Biden, Christopher Dodd, Bill Richardson) than he is to front-runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

So what better way to get some publicity than to launch the Magical Poverty Tour? Roll up ... for the Magical Poverty Tour ...

The rich are different than you and me. No matter how much they pretend to sympathize with working Americans, in the end, they get back into their in their limousines and drive back to their mansions.

John Edwards is a very rich man. He lives in a big house. Let me rephrase that. He lives in a garish 28,000-square-foot mansion in North Carolina. That's bigger than many shopping centers. The home or mansion or compound, whatever you want to call it, is reportedly worth $6 million.

Chris Taylor, regional press secretary for the Republican National Committee, said the poverty tour highlights Edwards' hypocrisy.

"It's difficult to relate to the homeless when you reside in a 28,000-square-foot mansion," Taylor said. "This is a guy who has taken fees for speaking about the poor in the past."

Even people with humble beginnings, like Edwards and Obama, appear to have lost touch with the everyday lives of Americans once they've struck it rich.

Does anybody this side of Bill Gates need to live in a 28,000-square-foot house? That's 27,000 more square feet of living space than the homes of most Americans.

Edwards is the epitome of liberal hypocrisy. He pretends to care about poor people, but lives in opulence. This is the scam Democrats have been running since Lyndon Johnson unveiled his "Great Society" and declared war on poverty. Democrats care about the poor every four years when they need votes, then they forget about them.

One of Edwards's neighbors in Chapel Hill, N.C., told a newspaper that Edwards has never bothered to say "hello" to the locals while his limo makes its way up the long driveway of his 102-acre estate, which includes a private gym, pool, a basketball court and racquetball court.

Edwards, who is worth $70 million, is correct in saying there are "two Americas." He's living in one and the rest of us are living in the other.

(Cartoon above by Michael Ramirez)

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