Friday, September 19, 2008

'Crippled liberal thinking'

Excellent letter published in the West Chester Daily Local News about the hysterical left's attacks on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The writer dissects the far left's illogical thinking over the abortion issue. It appears the only qualification a woman should have to run for office, at least if you listen to the left, is that she has had an abortion.
A stretch of logic

On Sept. 1, you published a letter regarding Sarah Palin from Valerie Anne Mahgoul. I can't imagine a more clear demonstration of crippled liberal thinking than was exposed in that brief letter concluding Palin is an untrustworthy gambler based on her decision to have a child at age 44. Mahgoul opens with an effort to provide herself cover by noting she has a disabled child of her own. My sympathy is with her as she struggles with that difficult burden, but it has little bearing on her point or the life of Palin's Down syndrome baby.

The letter drips with condescension. I presume the reference to "professional woman" is to make a distinction between Palin and those huddled masses unfamiliar with family planning. "Responsible decisions regarding reproduction" is apparently not to be confused with actually wanting another child, or recognition that some people find contraception morally offensive or even that contraception sometimes fails.

Making sure we are aware that this baby is the Palins' fifth indicates the writer's attitude about "responsible" as much as does her concern about the odds of Down syndrome.

To then ascribe the birth of this wanted and loved baby as an indicator of a gambling mentality incompatible with governance is a stretch of logic suitable for someone who has contributed to the campaigns of Ed Rendell, Joe Sestak and who was a recipient of a disbursement from the Hillary campaign.

Greg Leibel

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