Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Columnist: Craig Williams ready to lead

Veteran political observer Gil Spencer likes what he sees in Craig Williams, the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District.

The incumbent, Joe Sestak, was a one-issue candidate in 2006 and that issue, the Iraq War, is no longer being debated, Williams told Spencer.

From Spencer's column:

If the president had listened to Joe Sestak, Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats, instead of say, McCain, there is no telling how much worse things would be in Iraq today.

That, Williams says, was the same "self-serving political position Sestak adopted when he left the military."

And when Williams says "left," he makes the quote marks sign with his fingers, meaning what all military insiders know. Sestak didn't leave of his own accord. He was fired."

My conclusion was — for Joe Sestak, this was about self and not about country."

Read the full column in today's edition of The Mercury.

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