Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rendell signs 3 bills into law

It hasn't happened often during the current do-nothing atmosphere in Harrisburg, but Gov. Ed Rendell signed three bills into law on Tuesday.

Nothing earth-shattering, but very little in the way of legislation has crossed the governor's desk since the Democrats took control of the state House in January 2007. The malaise that has hung over Harrisburg since then continues into 2008.

Rendell's office announced the signing of the following bills:

Senate Bill 636 establishes a voluntary cancer drug repository program that allows pharmacies, under the supervision of the State Board of Pharmacy, to redispense unused cancer drugs to cancer patients. Under the program, drugs may be returned to an approved pharmacy to be redispensed, provided that they are in their original packaging and the drug expires no sooner than six months after the date the cancer drug was restocked. Drugs dispensed under a state medical assistance program may be accepted and dispensed.

Senate Bill 1017 amends the Phosphate Detergent Act of 1989 to eliminate the current exception to phosphate standards for dishwashing detergent used by households. The change means the amount of phosphorous in the waste stream will be reduced by 24 percent and municipal treatment facilities across the state will save $7 million a year.
The change takes effect July 1, 2010.

Senate Bill 1278 amends portions of Title 23 (Domestic Relations) to further provide for child medical support, review of support orders, annual fees, and assignment of support.

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