Thursday, May 22, 2008

1,145 Pennsylvania bridges need repair

I have a question for Gov. Rendell.

Did these 1,145 bridges start deteriorating just this week when the governor unveiled bids to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

Were these bridges in need of repair during the first four years of Rendell's tenure when he ignored transportation issues?

This is classic Rendell. Ignore a problem until it becomes a crisis. Then strong-arm the Legislature into doing what Rendell wants. He's done it time and time again.

Governor Rendell Releases List of 1,145 Bridges to be Repaired Under 'Rebuild Pennsylvania' Initiative

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Gas bag Eddie has done it again. Last August after the Minnesota bridge collapse he personally assured PA citizens that the State bridges were in great shape. Yesterday, 10 months later, he announced that the are collapsing.

He knows about as much about bridge safety as he does in picking Presidential nominees, You know he is sitting in the life boat of the SS Hillary bitching that it hasn't been lowered in the water