Friday, May 23, 2008

Roggio finally says he's sorry

"I'm sorry ... so sorry ... please accept my apology."

If Brenda Lee could ride ride those words to the top of the charts, why did it take Bob Roggio, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District, three days to say he was sorry?

Roggio finally apologized to U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach for criticizing the congressman on Monday because Gerlach missed some votes in Washington D.C., the previous week. Gerlach was back in Pennsylvania to attend his mother's funeral. That's a pretty good reason for missing work.

But Roggio's campaign not only didn't bother to do its homework before blasting Gerlach, but the campaign refused to apologize for at least three days. It didn't help that the apology came only after Gerlach wrote a letter to Roggio suggesting an apology was in order.

The whole incident brings into question Roggio's judgment and the competence of his staff. Is this the kind of person residents of the 6th District want to represent them in Congress?

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Bill Shaw at WRITEMARSH! agrees that Roggio took too long to fess up to his mistake.

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