Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GOP plan would cut taxes for PA families, businesses

Remember that "stimulus" plan Gov. Ed Rendell floated earlier this year where the state would send a few hundred dollars to people who don't pay the state income tax? It didn't go very far. Rendell pulled it after it failed to gain any support from Democrats or Republicans.

Senate Republicans have come up with a genuine economic stimulus package that will benefit thousands of working families and most of Pennsylvania's small business owners.

Under a series of bills the GOP unveiled this week, low-income Pennsylvanians would be exempted from paying the state's income tax. Unlike the $300 Rendell was promising a small group of people, the Republican plan would return as much as $1,135 to a family of four earning under $37,000.

This is real money that would help a lot of families struggling with the high cost of gas and groceries.

Another bill sponsored by Senate Republicans would make adjustments to the state's corporate net income tax, a move that would benefit many state businesses.

Read more about the GOP proposals in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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