Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memo to Montco GOP Chairman: Step aside

If you need further evidence that Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Ken Davis is out in left-field, consider that the man Chairman Davis fought so hard to keep off the primary ballot, current county District Attorney Bruce L. Castor, out-polled all candidates for Montgomery County commissioner in the May 15 primary election.

Castor received 45,460 votes — or nearly 15,000 more than the top Democratic vote-getter in the commissioners' race.

Chairman Davis wanted incumbent GOP commissioners Tom Ellis and Jim Matthews to head the ticket, but Castor managed to knock Ellis off the ballot by appealing directly to Republican Committee members in Montgomery County.

It's hard to argue with results. Castor is the best known and most respected political figure in Montgomery County.

Here's how the vote totals went on May 15: Castor — 45,460; Matthews — 40,074; Democrat Joe Hoeffel — 30,631; Democrat Ruth Damsker: 25,514. Expect the same order in the fall election.

Chairman Davis has allowed his ego and his need for control to cloud his judgment about fielding the best slate of candidates. Winning elections is what running a political party is all about.

The only chance Republicans have of keeping control of Montgomery County government is with Bruce Castor heading the ticket. If Ken Davis can't face reality, he needs to step down as party chairman.

Castor is taking over as the de-facto leader of the the Republican Party in Montgomery County. And it's about time. The party has been on a death march under Davis.

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