Monday, May 21, 2007

Blame Democrats for high gas prices

I'm glad I filled up my tank on Sunday. Gas prices jumped 15 cents a gallon overnight at my neighborhood service station.

Who's to blame for skyrocketing gas prices? The Democrats, of course.

Blame Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the new Democratic majority in Congress for record-high gas prices.

You remember last year when Democrats were blaming George Bush and the Republicans for high gas prices? It's only fair that we now blame those very same Democrats. Only this time, the Democrats are in control and have nobody to point fingers at.

Didn't Pelosi and her bunch promise to look out for the little people? Well, I'm the little people Nancy and I can't afford the price of gas anymore. What are you going to do about it?

A gallon of regular unleaded costs an average of $3.196 across the country, up from $3.178 on Sunday, according to AAA and Oil Price Information Service. All those spikes are happening under Democratic control of Congress.

Prices are up 33.7 cents from a month ago and 30.4 cents from a year ago. And Democrats control both the House and the Senate. What is your Democratic congressman doing about high gas prices?

I don't care if you give Democrats 100 hours or 100 days or 100 years. They'll never solve a single problem in this country.

In fact, it's mostly Democrats who can be blamed for discouraging oil companies from building or upgrading refinaries or exploring for new oil. There hasn't been a new oil refinary built in the United States since 1976. You can thank the Democrats and their environmentalist lobby for this.

So next time you spend $50 at the gas pump, think about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid driving around in their taxpayer-paid limos or flying in their taxpayer-paid jets.

They sold you a bill of goods with the 2006 election. Where have all the liberals whiners gone? Why aren't they protesting high gas prices today? Why aren't they blaming Pelosi and Co. for the mess they're making of the U.S. economy?

And what about the liberal press? I'm not seeing any editorials calling for investigation of the oil companies or Big Oil's influence on Congressional Democrats.

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