Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Berks Dems look vulnerable

I hate to pick on a fellow blogger, but since self-proclaimed political expert John Morgan did make some rather bold predictions Tuesday about the outcome of the Republican race for Berks County commissioner, I have to comment.

Mr. Morgan, who writes a lot about Berks County Democratic politics, predicted incumbent Republican Commissioner Mark Scott was going down because of "discontent" with Scott within the Republican Party.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Scott was the top-votegetter in the six-way race for two GOP nominations, with 12,467 votes.

I guess those 12,467 Republicans failed to check with Morgan before going to the polls.

The real interesting numbers Tuesday were on the Democratic side, where incumbent Commissioner Tom Gajewski came within 515 votes of losing his bid for re-election. There's a lot of discontent with Gajewski in the Democratic Party.

Don't be surprised if Mark Scott and Christian Leinbach return Republican control to the Berks Board of Commissioners in November.

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