Saturday, May 19, 2007

Former GOP leader Brightbill supports Democrat

A lot of Republicans have accused David J. "Chip" Brightbill, the former Republican Majority Leader in the Pennsylvania Senate, of being a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Brightbill, who was soundly defeated for re-election last spring thanks largely to the efforts of conservative groups, including the Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania (YCOP), may have proven his critics right.

Brightbill's name appears prominently on a campaign finance report filed by Berks County Commissioner Judy Schwank, a lifelong Democrat, and the current chairwoman of the three-member Board of Commissioners.

Brightbill contributed $250 to Schwank's re-election campaign, according to her first-quarter campaign finance statement. That's an odd thing to do for a man who led the GOP-controlled Senate up until the end of 2006.

It reinforces the belief that Brightbill betrayed the Republican Party during his years in Harrisburg, helping guide Gov. Ed Rendell's massive tax hike of 2003 through the Senate and rubber-stamping Rendell's budgets, which increased state spending by $6 billion in four years.

It's not like Brightbill didn't have any GOP commissioner candidates to support in Berks, which used to be part of Brightbill's Senate district. There were six Republicans running in the May 15 primary, from all ends of the political spectrum. Surely, Brightbill could have found a Republican close to his political beliefs. (For the record, Brightbill did not contribute to any of the six GOP commissioner candidates).

Maybe Brightbill, now a lawyer and lobbyist, is ready to come out of the political closet and admit he's been masquerading as a Republican all those years.

And Brightbill and his supporters still don't understand why GOP conservatives turned on him? (Residents of Lebanon and Berks county should feel privileged that Mike Folmer is now their state senator.)

One thing I've always said about Republican voters. They take care of their own problems when somebody in the party strays too far from authentic Republican beliefs.

Unlike those Kool Aid-drinking Democrats (who returned payjacker Bill DeWeese to Harrisburg last year), Republicans are willing to dispose of political fakers in primary elections.

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bobguzzardi said...

Many activist Democrats admire the way the Conservative Reformers are cleaning house of officials using public service for private gain.

The message of Limited Government and Liberty, free people and free markets, Lincon and Reagan, pro growth, economic freedom, own what you earn resonates with electorate.