Monday, November 30, 2009

When in doubt, vote the incumbent out

This Letter to the Editor originally published in The Pottstown Mercury echoes my frequent advice on elections: When in doubt, vote the incumbents out.
Vote out the incumbents

It seems that Fast Eddie and company in Harrisburg still do just as they please. They have forgotten the reaction to the "midnight pay raise;" the question is, have we? Eddie says the state has no money so let's lay off 200-plus state workers and close Daniel Boone Homestead. The only problem with this statement is that it comes weeks after Fast Eddie found $7 million to give to SEPTA workers as a signing bonus to settle their contract.

When was the last time you got a $1,200 bonus for working?

Here is a suggestion, why must a state representative have three offices? Rep. David Kessler has an office in Oley, an office in Boyertown and one in Harrisburg. Just think, in this day of e-mail, telephones, etc., they still have to have an office just miles apart. Why not an office in Harrisburg and one in your district? After failure to fund Veterans Outreach Centers, why fund three offices?

Next election is a very important election (as all elections are), I don't care if you are an elephant or donkey, vote American and un-elect the spend-happy Harrisburg and Washington fools. Remember the midnight pay raise — we did it once and we can do it again.

New Berlinville

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