Monday, November 23, 2009

'SNL' turns on Obama

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Anonymous said...

The meetings of President Obama with the national leaders of various Asian countries are poignant contrasts between patriotic nationalists and a leader that would surrender his nation's sovereignty to a new, feudal, one-world government.
For example, we can expect Chinese President, Hu Jintao, to act in the Machiavellian national interest of the Chinese. President Hu Jintao may pay lip service to the liberal, ostensible environmental agenda of the Socialist International. At Copenhagen, the global elite intend to enact an international bureaucracy to ration and regulate carbon usage.. The carbon fuel ration cards and mandated regulations may serve the interest of the one-world nobility and the plutocratic banking, commodities and trading firms that will obtain the license to sell these permission slips. But this re-distribtion of the wealth of the productive , prospering nations to the third world is not in China's interest.
Unlike our own President, the leaders of China, Russia and India can be expected to act solely in the interest of their citizens. Hu Jintao is a 21st Century Kublai Khan. He will agree to anything that is in his nation's interest, then wisely disavow, abrogate and scoff at any rule or regualtion in a treaty detrimental to China. Further more, as a loan officer and financier of our hope and change deficit spending, he will dictate terms and conditions. With the money acquired through the Republican Free Trade policy, Hu Jinbao will dictate the agenda of Congress and this Administration. He will demand that we betray Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines and all of Eastern Asia to the control and hegemony of China, or else there will be no more trillion dollar loans to our profligate Congress.
Americans are not interested in becoming a mere fief in a revised, global (un) Holy Roman Empire. Nor do they wish for a revised group of Tories who will actively betray this country like Benedict Arnold and Count Rumford to the rule and reign of foreign lords and kings.

Michael Guy

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