Saturday, November 21, 2009

Penn State about to stick it to football fans

I haven't been to a Penn State football game since I graduated from PSU ... and based on what columnist Rich Scarcella has to say about the school's plans to jack up ticket prices, I won't be attending a game anytime soon.

If you're a Penn State football fan, be prepared to shell out bigger bucks to watch the Nittany Lions play home games starting next season.

As long as Beaver Stadium continues to sell out for home games, PSU officials will continue to gouge fans.

"Either football season-ticket holders don't fully grasp what's going to happen or they don't know where to vent their anger," Scarcella writes. "The cost to attend a football game at Beaver Stadium will go up dramatically in 2011 for those who have season tickets between the goal lines."

Read Scarcella's full column at the link below:

Rich Scarcella: Want a good seat at Beaver Stadium? Prepare to pay

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Anonymous said...

Supply and demand, Tony, don't criticize. Or do you want Congress to get involved and impose price controls?