Monday, October 26, 2009

Sen. Bob Casey support for ACORN puzzling

At least one voter hasn't forgotten that Pennsylvania's Bob Casey Jr. is one of just seven senators who did not support cutting off taxpayer dollars to the corrupt ACORN organization. This letter to the editor was published in The Mercury.
Sen. Casey still hasn't explained his support for ACORN

Do the citizens of Pennsylvania realize that our U.S. Senator, Democrat Robert Casey Jr., was one of the only seven U.S. senators who voted not to stop funding to the political and criminal corrupt organization ACORN? There has been very little coverage on accountability of Casey's vote. When first questioned, Casey stated that he thought he was voting on something else. Good thing they weren't voting to stop the nuclear bombing of Pennsylvania.

How difficult is it to know what you are voting before you vote? When that excuse drew criticism, Casey released a statement that he did not feel it was right to deny funds to an organization that helps people. Bob, ACORN is under investigation for embezzlement of U.S. tax dollars, voter fraud, voter intimidation and fostering child prostitution and you feel they are helping people.

It is time to realize that Bob Casey Jr is not a man of principle, a true democrat that Bob Casey Sr. was. Junior has been glad handing and living off the Casey family name all his life. He is in so far over his head. He is fearful of offending his benefactors.

Democrats, remember this and his statements. Do not let him run uncontested when the primary comes up. Vote for his challenger. In a short time he will disgrace Pennsylvania and the Democratic Party again.


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