Thursday, October 29, 2009

16 Million Dead People Still Registered To Vote

Aristotle International, a leading non-partisan provider of political technology and data, has released its annual "Deadwood" voter registration compilation, showing 16,331,707, or 8.9%, of all registered voters are no longer among the living but still eligible to vote.

This would help explain some of the current elected officials we have.

Aristotle International says the number of voters on its "Deadwood" rolls is up 3 percent over the estimate released in October 2008.

Way to go ACORN!

"Deadwood on voter rolls complicates the electoral process and can cause problems like fraud and vote miscounts. It always creates a perception of low voter turnout," said John Aristotle Phillips, CEO of Aristotle. "It gets down to this: by depressing turnout, dead voters make the rest of us look bad."

Read more at the link below:

Just in Time for Halloween: 'Deadwood' on Registered Voter Rolls

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