Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bumsted: Blue Dogs de-barked

A good column by Brad Bumsted of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about how so-called conservative western Pennsylvania Democrats in the state House let down their constituents by supporting the deficit budget pushed by Gov. Ed Rendell and legislative leaders.

Instead of sticking with House Republicans to oppose the 2009-10 budget and higher taxes, the "Blue Dogs" turned into lap dogs, Bumsted writes.

From Bumsted's column:
On the final tax vote, only two Blue Dogs -- Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Vandergrift, and Rep. John Pallone, D-New Kensington -- barked. They were the only Democrats to vote against it.

Most of the Blue Dog Democrats showed in the end they were team players.

They could have rocked the Capitol on Aug. 3 but chose to take an obvious victory.

From their perspective, getting their leaders to declare that the income tax was dead was significant and it truly ended that debate.

It was a pivotal day in the historic budget battle. Some Democrats might think about it again next year when Republicans are campaigning against them, citing their votes for the "$1 billion state tax increase."
Read the full column at the link below:

Blue Dogs de-barked - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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