Saturday, October 31, 2009

Democrat fibbing in Berks County race?

Charles Corbit has never held political office (although he worked for the John Kerry and Barack Obama campaigns in the last two presidential election cycles) but he wants to make all sorts of changes in the Berks County Prothonotary's Office.

Corbit wants to bring "hope and change" to the office by ousting four-term incumbent Marianne R. Sutton, the Republican seeking reelection. But as this new ad shows, Corbit may not know much about the office he is seeking.

H/T Bucks County Conservative Examiner


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? This is all you can do? You must be afraid you are losing BIG TIME

Unknown said...

Sutton 56%; Corbit 44%

Unknown said...

Boy, did I hit that one on the money!


Excellent prediction, John. It's amazing how poorly Charles Corbit did despite all the money he and the Democratic Party spent on the prothonotary race.