Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How would you balance the PA budget?

We know how well Gov. Ed Rendell and the Pennsylvania Legislature have done in balancing the state budget.

The budget has been approved late for seven consecutive years.

The 2008-09 deficit was $3.25 billion. The 2009-10 deficit is $1.2 billion and could top $1.5 billion when the fiscal year ends on June 30.

So what to do?

Four Democratic state lawmakers are taking suggestions from constituents on how to balance the budget.

If you have any ideas on where to trim the fat on the state's $29 billion General Fund budget, visit and have your say.

Also check out Brad Busted's article about the Web site in today's edition of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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Anonymous said...

At an outrageous $19 for a primitive, uncomfortable, gravelly campsite ($21 for nonresident) - - I suppose the state is swimming in surplus and can increase spending.