Thursday, June 24, 2010

Petraeus to the rescue

Here he comes to save the day ...

For all their differences, Barack Obama and George W. Bush share at least one article of faith when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan

When things fall apart, call Gen. David Petraeus.

On Wednesday — with the furor over Gen. Stanley McChrystal's Rolling Stone statements threatening an already shaky Afghanistan strategy — Obama bought himself significant breathing space by appointing the lionized former Iraq commander to fill the breach.

The move was a deft — if brutal — mid-summer political coup for the president, but Petraeus will still have to find solutions for the problems that so vexed McChrystal on the ground while refereeing serious squabbles within Obama's fractious Afghanistan team.
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Petraeus to the rescue - Glenn Thrush and Gordon Lubold -

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