Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Wee Willie' Webber, Philly TV icon, dies at 80

Part of my childhood died today.

William W. Webber, who I will also remember as 'Wee' Willie Webber, a children's television fixture back in the days when there were only a handful of channels on TV, died Sunday at the age of 80.

Webber kept me entertained with a steady diet of cartoons, monster movies and The Three Stooges on Channel 17 and Channel 48.

"I think he was proud of helping to raise a couple generations of kids with the kids' shows on Channels 6, 17, and 48," his won, William W. Webber Jr. told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I met Wee Willie a long time ago during a trip to Dorney Park and had my picture taken with him, but I lost the photo a long time ago.

The Inquirer has a full story on Webber's death and his career as a radio and TV pioneer.

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